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The 2.0 Lost & Found Community

Here at Wistiki, we design our products to help people in their daily lives. In order to succeed, we have combined technology with a revolutionary innovation that was created quite a while ago: the act of helping each other out. Each member helps the next and forms the Wistiki community, the 2.0 Lost & Found Community!

Wistiki: more than a product, a community.

Crowd GPS


The app records the last place and time when you were near your Wistiki. When it is outside of the Bluetooth range, its last known location is recorded.

And the community takes it from there in order to update its location! Of course, you are the only one to know said location.

This is how each person helps the other in an anonymous and safe way, without even knowing it! Wistiki is one of the only companies that makes it possible to spread out happiness just by walking down the street.

When Léo (one of our Wisters, a member of the Wistiki community) walks past your Wistiki with the app running in the background of your smartphone, your Wistiki's location is automatically updated on your app.

Found a Wistiki?

You can contact the owner directly on the app thanks to the "Give back a Wistiki" feature.

All you have to do is download the app, sign up and click on "Give back a Wistiki". Outcome: it takes 2 minutes and it spreads the cheer!

You may then work out a way with the Wister to give them back their belonging!

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