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Wistiki, your zen partner

Wistiki, is the friend that supports you every day by making sure you don't lose your things. Wistiki, is the ambition to put an end to the stress in the world that comes with losing your belongings. Wistiki, is the deep believe that Made in France is the only right choice.

Wistiki, Lose & Relax

Our values


Innovation is in Wistiki's DNA whom brings it to the heart of your life


Connectected to a worldwide network of Wisters, because strentgh is in numbers!


Family is Wistiki's core, which makes our brand humane and make our technology feel more friendly

Our story


3 brothers and a cat

It was while looking for their cat that the three brothers, thought that there should be a cool and fun way to find their lost cat. Wistiki was born! And the adventure began with ouf first crodfunding campaign…


Wistiki, a success story!

Apparently these 3 brothers are not the only scatterbrains in France. The welcome Wistiki received proved that, much like cheese and wine, losing one's belongings is very much a part of French culture. All the better! Wistiki started to grow. Main goal: help everyone in the World relax!


Wistiki is still innovating

You have shared your suggestions for improvement and we have listened to them. With its new collection, Wistiki managed to bring together fashion, technology and luxury to create the first line of designer connected products.

The Wistidream

Our dream? To build a world in which no one loses their belongings anymore (no we are not a sect)
Our motivation? You. And us. Yes, we also lose our belongings
Our pride? You, the community of Wisters that is getting bigger every day
Our weapons? The French Touch and French Tech

Thank you!

We have raised more than €800,000 thanks to the trust you put in us on crowdfunding platforms. Thanks to you, we are proud to offer you the first product from our new line, the voilà! A connected keychain, 100% Made in France. And we are very excited to share our newest products with you before the year is done!

Made in France from start to end:
From French Touch to French Tech

The French Touch

An exceptional product needs an exceptional design. We approached the French king of design, Philippe Starck, with the project of imagining the Wistiki of tomorrow. What did we get? A line of products with a refined design, developed for their function.
And always 100% French.

French Tech: How the voilà! came to be

A journey across France

  • 1



    25 shades of grey matter

  • 2

    Plastics manufacturing


    Bringing Starck's drawings to life

  • 3

    Electronic card


    Creating the intelligence of the product

  • 4



    Blowing life into the voilà!

  • 5



    Sharing our innovation with the whole world

Combining Technology and Ecology

Wistiki also made the decision to be eco-friendly. You bought a Wistiki and the battery died? We will take it back and recycle it in order to limit the impact on the planet!

And since we know you will worry about losing your things again, we promise to give you access to our entire upcoming collection at a discounted price!

The Dream Team